Body, Mind & Soul Studio

The Body, Mind & Soul Studio is open for the hotel guests 24-hours. You can decide yourself if you wish to have a hard training, energizing yoga session or just relaxing Sauna experiense.

Among other equipment, the Body, Mind & Soul Studio has a functional workout system Jungle Sports Liana. The gym is equipped with the most modern equipment including; Treadmill, Cross-trainer, and Upright Bike. Towels and complimentary water in gym are also provided. The yoga room is fitted with a silk yoga trapeze hammock. The hotel has separate sauna facilities for men and women; guests can relax in a traditional Finnish sauna or use the milder steam sauna.

Use of Sauna, Steam Room and Gym are complimentary for our hotel guests. The Body, Mind & Soul Studio is located on -2 floor with access from our guest lift. Use of the Sauna, Steam Room and Gym facility is at your own risk.

Sauna opening hours:

Monday-Friday 17.00-22.00
Saturday-Sunday 08.00-10.00 and 17.00-22.00