Body, Mind & Soul Studio

The Body, Mind & Soul Studio is open for the hotel guests 24-hours. You can decide yourself if you wish to have a hard training, energizing yoga session or just relaxing Sauna experiense.

Among other equipment, the Body, Mind & Soul Studio has a functional workout system Jungle Sports Liana. The gym is equipped with the most modern equipment including; Treadmill, Cross-trainer, and Upright Bike. Towels and complimentary water in gym are also provided. The yoga room is fitted with a silk yoga trapeze hammock. The hotel has separate sauna facilities for men and women; guests can relax in a traditional Finnish sauna or use the milder steam sauna.

Use of Sauna, Steam Room and Gym are complimentary for our hotel guests. The Body, Mind & Soul Studio is located on -2 floor with access from our guest lift. Use of the Sauna, Steam Room and Gym facility is at your own risk.

NOTE! Our saunas are in use again starting from Sep 21st.

Sauna opening hours:

Monday-Friday 17.00-22.00
Saturday-Sunday 08.00-10.00 and 17.00-22.00