IHG Business Rewards

IHG® Business Rewards. This is our Way of Saying Thank You.


Whether you are a sports league parent reserving team
accommodations or a professional planner organizing an international meeting,
we want to reward you for booking with IHG® on behalf of others.
Each hotel room you reserve, meeting you plan, or event you organize
with a participating IHG® property could earn you points through IHG® Business Rewards.

Earning is Effortless with IHG® Business Rewards

IHG® Business Rewards offers points on bookings you make on behalf of others. No booking is too small* and there is no minimum qualifying threshold. This means you can be rewarded for everything from booking a one night hotel room to planning a large conference at one of our participating properties. We believe all your booking needs are important, so we reward you no matter the size.

Earn for booking with us:

  • 3 points for every $1 USD spent on qualified guest rooms, meeting space and food and beverage.
  • Priority access to exclusive member offers.
  • Automatic enrollment in IHG® Rewards Club – the industry’s first and largest guest loyalty program. You’ll have one membership number for both programs and all your points appear in one place.
  • Rewards for being a booker and a stayer. Earn points when you book guest rooms or meetings on behalf of others (IHG® Business Rewards) or personal stays for yourself (IHG® Rewards Club).
  • Access to a worldwide network of participating IHG® hotels.


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