Hotel Indigo Helsinki - Boulevard is the first hotel in Finland to be awarded the Gold level LEED-certification

LEED is an internationally renown and accepted rating system devised to evaluate environmentally friendly construction of high end green buildings. Hotel Indigo® Helsinki - Boulevard is the first hotel in the chain to be awarded LEED-certification in Europe and Finland and the first LEED hotel in Finland to get the Gold level certificate. Material, water and energy efficiency as well as the location and interior environment solutions were rated as the main strengths of the property and this took the hotel to the Golden level on the four-step LEED rating scale.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system evaluates the environmental burden of buildings. Good transport connections and supporting the already existing urban fabric are strong starting points to apply for the certificate.

Hotel Indigo Helsinki - Boulevard was built as part of an already functioning business building in the heart of Helsinki and opened for business in March 2015. Central location and good public transport links serve the hotel and its clients in many ways. ”Hotel Indigo has been well received. Location on Bulevardi attracts business people as well as clients interested in design. The hotel has good public transport links, for instance one can get to Arabianranta by tram. Verdant Helsinki is attractive and our bicycles are in great demand”, says the General Manager Mikaela Pomrén . She continues: ”Our 35 space car park is just big enough for our needs, we're the first hotel in Finland to offer charging stations for electric cars.”

Development solutions affect the whole property

The property of Hotel Indigo Helsinki - Boulevard was refurbished into a hotel. Renovation works followed the basic principles of LEED certification from the very beginning.

”With substantial investments in real estate, we as investors stand responsible for our houses being energy efficient, healthy, safe and able to serve customers through generations”, construction manager of the pension insurance company Ilmarinen Niina Rajakoski says.

Existing structures were used as much as possible and building materials, for false ceilings and internal walls in particular, were bought from local manufacturers. Over 80% of the construction site waste was recycled.

The heating and cooling systems of the energy efficient Hotel Indigo Helsinki - Boulevard are linked to distance energy network. Air conditioning of the rooms is run by roof installed solar panels. Clients can smoothly adjust room temperature and light that comes from energy bulbs. Water saving sanitary installations play key role in controlling water consumption.

During renovation, special solutions essential for indoor air quality were executed. There are carbon dioxide detectors that adjust ventilation based on carbon dioxide readings of the indoor air. Low emission surface materials are used to guarantee the purity of air.

”It was our aim from the very beginning to build a hotel acceptable to LEED certification, as environmental issues have become an inseparable part of international accommodation contract negotiations. LEED is among the best known international certificates to travel managers. LEED certification brings us peace of mind with regard to energy efficiency and contractual negotiations”, Mikaela Pomren says. ”We believe our Gold level LEED certificate acts as extra proof to our customers that we're committed to walk another mile for their comfort.”

Our LEED application process was controlled by a team of experts from Ramboll Finland Oy, who supervised the project team and helped us apply for the certificate. ”Gold level LEED certification is the result of a superb joint effort and commitment of the whole project team to execute green solutions. I'm glad it was possible to build a new business into a busy urban structure, making best use of the already existing structures”, Silja Nopanen from Ramboll real estate consultancy says.

More information:

Mikaela Pomrén, Hotel Indigo Helsinki – Boulevard, General Manager, 040 5470429,
Gabor Pusztai, VP, Metropolitan region & InterContinentalHotels Group -hotels, 0400 605 274,
Silja Nopanen, Consultant, LEED AP Operations & Maintenance, Kiinteistökonsultointi, 050 46 55789,
Niina Rajakoski, Construction Manager, Ilmarinen, 050 5747491,