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Traditional Cafe Ekberg

Café Ekberg - one of Helsinki’s classic cafés

With a history dating back to the 1850s, Ekberg is considered a beloved veteran of the Finnish café and confectionary culture. Café Ekberg serves flavors, style and a unique atmosphere to everyone with an appetite for the sweet things in life. Café is proud of their roots, know-how and prized delicacies, such as the Napoleon cake and the Champagne Cork. Café Ekberg's philosophy is simple: mix delightful classics with charming novelties and round off the experience with our excellent service.

Traditional, contemporary and high quality.

The story of Ekberg begins in 1843 when the 18-year-old Fredrik Edvard Ekberg, raised by foster parents in Helsinki, interrupts his clock making studies to become an apprentice to Master Baker Schulin in Helsinki. In 1847 he qualifies as journeyman and travels to Hamina, Vyborg, Riga and St. Petersburg to practice. In January 1852 he receives his mastership, and on 3 February of the same year he opens his own bakery in Helsinki.

Bulevardi 9,

Mouth-watering delicacies

Kakkugalleria - founded 1999

Kakkugalleria was founded in 1999 by Mira Swan and Sami Granroth. Since then Kakkugalleria has manufactured Finland's most beautiful and most delicious cakes and pastries. The range of products suites all tastes. Most favourite products are continuously available. In addition to those there are always something special and seasonally changing items. Kakkugalleria is a café and pastry shop that offers high-quality hand-made cakes, pastries, truffles and lots of other goodies.

Bulevardi 34,

Luxury confectionery products

Greetings from Sami and Mira: "We are busy behind the scenes with our professionally skilled and very motivated pastry chef team. Because there is no shortcut to success, we work in an extremely disciplined way and refine our recipes until they are as mouth-watering as they should be! We want to offer our customers only the best: taste experiences which really stop them in their tracks. Moments of delight that bring the pampering and respite you have earned into your everyday life, or make your celebrations unforgettable!"


Exotic Bars

Kokomo Tikibar

Aloha! Kokomo Tikibar & Room is the first Tiki-restaurant in Finland. Idea of Tiki is based on relaxed living and enjoying. Kokomo is located in a busy Uudenmaankatu right next to the center of Helsinki. Kokomo is a restaurant, a coctail bar and a club. Decoration of Kokomo is atmospheric and Tiki style.

Uudenmaankatu 16-20,

A rock music bar in the city centre

From 60's soul music to rock music of today. Bar Loose is a rock´n´roll bar in the heart of downtown Helsinki, close to main railway station and bus station. Our restaurant is open from dusk ´til dawn. Bar Loose is a versatile meeting point: after work it is an easygoing chilling point for local rockscene, later in evenings a cool live venue and after midnight a nightclub and an after party venue for rock-minded people.

Annankatu 21,