Buffet breakfast

Welcome to Restaurant Bröd's delicious breakfast. Enjoy the whole buffet or choose the options of your liking from the additional products. Our buffet breakfast consists of fresh, quality products and includes the following delicacies.

See the breakfast hours.

  • A selection of fresh fruit
  • Fresh curd and yoghurts
  • Nuts and seeds roasted in our kitchen
  • A selection of dried fruit, berries and cereal
  • Cucumber and tomatoes and salad
  • Domestic cold cuts from a small farm
  • Fish and cheeses from Ahvenanmaa
  • Porridge slowly braised in the oven using grandma's recipe
  • Crispy bacon, mouth-watering sausages and soft scrambled eggs
  • Bread baked early in the morning and butter-flavored croissants
  • A selection of jams and marmalades from our own kitchen and churned butter
  • Fresh sweet pastries
  • Organic apple juice and fresh orange juice
  • Coffee and tea

And should you like something a bit more...

  • Boletus omelette spiced with truffle 8.00 €
  • Egg Benedict 9.00 €
  • Croque monsieur 9.00 €
  • French toast 8.00 €